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If you’re looking to study with efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. Our platform is built to ensure you get all the training you need towards the big test. However, our experience also shows that there are a few things that contribute to this success that no one tells you about. Well, except us. 

Before we begin, just make sure:

  • You’re sitting comfortably in your chair
  • The cup of coffee (or tea) is there
  • Your mind is ready to absorb knowledge
  • You’re “Offline” to the rest of the world
  • You have the right mentality [you’re about to SMASH the IMAT]

If you’ve checked all those marks, let’s talk about studying.

Everyone with a lot of personal experience will tell you this much about studying: Preparation is half the battle.
And that doesn’t just mean having the right state of mind. Preparation includes everything — your motivation, surrounding, management, scheduling, eliminating stress, methods, even taking care of physiological needs. Everything should be perfectly aligned to stimulate the best studying environment. So… is your preparation good enough?

Next time you’re about to study, make sure you put enough effort into preparation. Eliminate all negative emotions and stress, go to a peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed, make a schedule of how you want to study, make sure your physiological needs are met, you should be eating well, but most importantly — give yourself some break time and use it without feeling guilty about it (let’s be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than fun time after a good study session 😉

Create an efficient schedule that works for you. Everyone is different in that regard but some popular methods include things like studying 55 minutes followed by a 5-minute break, scheduling the fun activities before the study ones, reviewing the text that you’re about to study, and of course working on a conclusion after you’ve finished studying. All of these will help you but it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

Have a positive mindset, sleep well, eat well, study hard and remember to have fun. After all, this all comes down to living a great and exciting life, and it shouldn’t feel like a burden to you. If anything, just think about the wonderful time you’re about to have studying medicine in Italy. 

Either way, you CAN do this.

Studying with Us

As we’ve already mentioned, our platform is built to help you succeed on the IMAT
Here are some of the things you will find on our platform:

  • Demo Course
  • Category based courses: Logic, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and General Knowledge.
  • Over 1000 questions, answers, and explanations
  • Live simulations of the IMAT with other students
  • Grades & Ranking

Our platform allows you to gain extensive practice in all five categories – starting with the demo course and on to the category based courses, you’ll have the opportunity to experience different questions and their full answers. Having access to these courses for months, you can always go back and retake a specific course to gain more practice on topics and questions you’re not strong with.

You can take our simulation test based on the real IMAT format, where you will get questions from all categories, time limitation and ranking outcome vs other students who participated in the same simulation and are scheduled to attend your own choice of university. This way, you can prepare for the real test on our platform and have zero worries once you take the actual IMAT.

*BTW, we recommend not to start with the simulations until you finish studying all the material or at least a big part of it, and that’s because your motivation might take a hit if you don’t get the desired grade on the first take. Study first, test yourself later.

Before entering a simulation, prepare for it as if it was the actual test, whether it is the time, the place, the writing tools, a water bottle, and all the other conditions that apply for the test. This will help you get accustomed to the actual test environment, and you will have less anxiety going into it.

After you’ve finished practicing various topics, it is time to test and evaluate your knowledge.

Post Simulation Phase

So… you’ve completed a simulation. What happens next? The most important part of this training is to carefully evaluate your results.

Here are some steps for effective learning, and the right way to evaluate a simulation. You finish the simulation, get your grade, and the answer index. The first step is to take a break and get ready to inspect the results.

After you review the results, there will be questions you got wrong or didn’t answer at all. Try to give them another shot with no time limitations. Also, think about why you failed to answer the questions correctly during the simulation.

Check whether you answered them correctly the second time. If you did, great. If not, try again. The idea behind this is that when you get the correct answer by yourself, you’ll learn and improve faster than simply checking what the right answer is.

Read the full answers to all questions, even the ones that you answered correctly. There may be some questions that you guessed (correctly), but you aren’t 100% sure of the exact answer. This will help you reinforce that answer.

Simulations - managing expectations

Understand that the only goal of the simulations is to improve your knowledge.
Do not get discouraged with bad results, especially if you’re still early in the process.

All of the mistakes that you make on this test are easy to solve, and if you follow the process that we have outlined above, you will have no issues reducing these mistakes with practice.

It is possible that some of your mistakes resulted in lack of attention rather than a lack of knowledge. You need to write these down and analyze the right reasons for each mistake.
Once you find out what caused each mistake you’ll have a better approach to dealing with it.

For example, If you were too reckless, you’ll need to slow down your pace and pay more attention. If you had a marking error you’ll need to dedicate three more minutes at the end of the test to go over the markings and make sure that you marked exactly what you intended to.

Another suggestion would be to use a notebook just for simulations. In there, you could track wrong answers by documenting each. You can also create a table using Microsoft Excel. This table will help you keep track of the results, and you will be able to see exactly which subjects you need to pay more attention to. Based on our experience with hundreds of students, this is a proven system that always leads to great results but only if its followed correctly. It WILL work if you dedicate yourself to it. 

Here’s an example for the evaluation table:

Total Logic Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics General Knowledge
% answered
% correct
% incorrect

closing note

Keep in mind that a good evaluation could take 2-3 days so, approach this process with patience and you will see positive results as the weeks go by.

We hope this guide gives you some help when it comes to studying, and of course, make sure you come back to it if you ever get stuck in your studying process.

Good luck and remember to have fun studying.

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